Indigenous means originating from a specific place. If something (like a plant) is indigenous, it naturally occurs in a particular place and has for a very long time. If a person is Indigenous, they are native to the land in question. Indigenous peoples are not descendants of colonizers of the area.

Indigenous is a term that encompasses people who are originally from a specific place. For example, the Métis peoples of Canada, the Mayans of Guatemala, and the Lakota in the United States would all be considered Indigenous peoples.

The term Indigenous typically refers to a group of people within a country or continent. However, if possible, it is more appropriate to use a more specific designation when describing a particular person or an Indigenous community. For example, rather than use the term Indigenous to describe the Navajo nation, one should use the term Navajo instead.

Indigenous peoples of the world hold special and unique knowledge about their customs, cultures, and beliefs.

Does Indigenous Have Negative Connotation?
It’s important to note that while some may prefer the term Indigenous, it could be construed as unfavorable by others. It’s most respectful to let others self-identify with words of their choosing.