Integrated care for psychedelic therapy combines the expertise of your entire healthcare team and allows for seamless treatment. Integrated care may include your doctor, talk therapist, psychedelic integration therapist, and a facilitator or trip sitter. Integrated care usually means a better experience for patients and more effective outcomes for psychedelic treatments.

Integrated care means that you can plan your psychedelic therapy with people who work together to make the experience more beneficial for you.

When the members of your healthcare team work together in an integrated care model, it could look like this:

  1. Your doctor prescribes a certain therapy
  2. You and your therapist discuss the emotions around the proposed therapy
  3. You and your integration specialist prepare for the upcoming therapy session
  4. Your facilitator helps you during the therapy
  5. Your integration therapist helps you make sense of the treatment
  6. Your doctor reviews helpful information submitted by the other members of the team
  7. Your therapist helps you determine the effectiveness of the treatment

Members of the integrated care team might share information with one another.

You can include only those professionals you choose to in your integrated care team.

Is Integrated Care The Same As Integration?

Integrated care is different from integration.

Integration is the process of making sense of a psychedelic experience, and then using integration techniques to fold the thoughts and feelings that arise from your treatment into your life.

An integration therapist can absolutely be a part of your integrated care team. A psychedelic integration therapist is someone who helps you prepare for your psychedelic treatment. A professional integration therapist can also help you analyze your psychedelic experience after the fact.