Narrative review can be part of the process of integrating a psychedelic experience. In this approach, you talk about or write out the details of your experience from start to finish, like a story. It can be written to yourself in a journal or explained to a therapist.

Practices like narrative review can help to increase the benefit of psychedelic therapy because it helps you make sense of what you experienced. This integration process is an important part of psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Properly preparing for psychedelic therapy is one part of the integration process. This typically involves figuring out what questions you’d like to explore during your treatment or setting an intention. A qualified integration therapist can help you with this part of your psychedelic experience.

Another part of integration is processing your experience after the fact and making sense of it all. This is where narrative review can be quite helpful. Once you’re able to write down or talk about what happened with a qualified therapist, the gravity of your experience and the new thoughts and feelings that typically arise as part of a psychedelic treatment can be integrated into your life.