Ben Sessa


Psychiatrist, researcher, and author

Major contributions to psychedelic space

  • Led the first-ever clinical study investigating MDMA-assisted psychotherapy to treat alcoholism
  • Chief Medical Officer at AWAKN Life Sciences, a ??biotechnology company developing ketamine and MDMA therapies to treat substance and behavioral addiction
  • Has led and co-authored scientific and clinical studies investigating psychedelics

Career highlights

Dr. Ben Sessa is a psychiatrist, researcher, and author who is interested in the developmental impacts of childhood maltreatment on adult mental illness and drug abuse, as well as the use of drug-assisted therapies as treatment. His professional career includes scientific and clinical studies administering DMT, ketamine, LSD, MDMA, and psilocybin to patients and volunteers. He is the co-founder of Breaking Convention, a biennial international conference on psychedelic consciousness.